Happy Little Girl

Here’s a rough demo of a song I wrote for my daughter to sing. I made the music using GarageBand iOS before I got my Mac. She loved this little tune, so I just wrote some lyrics to it. We should be recording her voice soon, for now this is me singing it.

Thanks for listening ❤

– the grumpy hippy



An old post…

I originally posted this on my homepage, but since I’m dedicating this to music, I wanted to share it here… it was my day off and I felt like singing some jazz. =)


I use to sing back in Miami and ever since I moved to Hawaii, I haven’t had the chance to sing with a band. Luckily, technology is here ha ha. Discovered an app called Smule and sang a little Billie Holiday. Nothing fancy. Just me lying in bed… not doing much.



I posted some new videos on YouTube from previous singing competitions back in 2014. Interviews are in Spanish and I’m going to try to edit them and add captions, but for now, you can enjoy the music.

You can click the link below or find the YouTube logo on top.

Thank you for your support!

Much Love ❤
– The Grumpy Hippy

The Grumpy Hippy YouTube

WLRN Performance (Live)

I think this performance was around 2013 not sure. This was in Miami, FL for 93.1 WLRN at the Michael Stock Folk Show. Tammy a good friend of mine was kind enough to play the piano for me. I was already a ball of nerves. I had no idea they were filming it, I should have dressed better lol. It was suppose to be just a radio performance.

Check out the video below ❤ thank you for your support!

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 9.08.48 PM